1.1.3 2019.02.16

Bug Fixes
- Allow lands to be created without mana requirement

1.1.1 2018.03.06

- Add favicon
- Update rules
Bug Fixes
- Fix issue with mana costs in detail view displaying in wrong order
- Fix issue with card creation when no text is available to render in the main text box

1.1.0 2018.02.24

- Card detail page now shows card information in text format
- Latest Cards panel now displays a link to the gallery

1.0.6 2017.07.1

Bug Fixes
- Fix vertical centering of certain text blocks

1.0.5 2017.06.25

- Add markdown syntax for ability descriptions
- Add tooltip on inline formatting use
- Add functional UI testing
Bug Fixes
- Fix centering text positiong with more than one line
- Fix limited server error when viewing some cards

1.0.4 2017.06.13

- Move issue creation and feedback to JIRA
- Alter templates to be more uniform
Bug Fixes
- Fix text positioning when a line of text had different font weights
- Fix no space before an inline mana symbol was rendered

1.0.3 2017.06.07

Text fixes
- Fix centering text running off right side
- Fix text running off right side after a font change
- Fix size and positioning of text in the power box on character cards.

1.0.2 2017.06.06

Admin changes
- Add card export
Change log
- Add this changelog

1.0.1 2017.05.26

Add content
- Google SEO
- Link to submit bugs
- Version number
- Fix typos

1.0.0 2017.05.25

Compete rewrite
- Rewrote old php site in django
- Rewrote generator using python and pillow
- Overhauled backend
Data Migration
- Old data model migrated to new data model
- Fixed missing and incomplete data
Add content filter
- Automated nsfw image filtering added
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Hairy samsquanch by The diddler

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