King Dedede, Thieving Menace

Card Name:King Dedede, Thieving Menace
Mana Cost:
Converted Mana Cost:3
Card Text:Flying
: Glutton Any card with food on it, anywhere in the art, is put into the graveyard of the player who casted this spell.
: Picky Eater Player must say, "There's a word for this here stuff, and it ain't "food!" and then choose a creature. That creature is destroyed by King Dedede, Thieving Menace, since it is not food. Note: This ability does not work on cards that are, in fact, food.
Flavor Text:"One and one and one is three! We don't like King Dee Dee Dee! Two and two and two is six! He weighs like a ton of bricks!"-Fo-Lo-Lo & Fa-La-La
P/T:3 / 3
Card Number:255842
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