McTeegle the Regal

Card Name:McTeegle the Regal
Mana Cost:
Converted Mana Cost:5
Card Text:Hexproof
: Target player reveals their hand. Draw a card.
: Name a nonland, noncreature card. Search target player's hand, graveyard and library for any number of cards with the chosen name and exile them. You may cast these spells while they remain exiled. You may use mana of any color to cast them. Any spells cast in this manner gain Split Second in addition to their other abilities.
Flavor Text:Master of the Lerpus Canus. Tamer of the Strange. Strangler of the Nurgen. Friend to the Burgen.
P/T:3 / 3
Card Number:259897
Artist:Flojack Norseman
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