Collan, The Tamer of the Wilds

Card Name:Collan, The Tamer of the Wilds
Mana Cost:
Converted Mana Cost:4
Card Text:Double Strike, Prowess, Flying, Menace, Flash
: Collan, the Tamer of the Wilds, deals 5 damage to target creature, if that creatures dies this turn, return it to the bottom of its owner's library and draw cards equal to half of that card's Converted Mana Cost rounded down.
: Exile Collan, the Tamer of the Wilds and return it to the Battlefield at the beginning of the next combat.
Flavor Text:I've seen too many worlds fall and rise due to people like you who manipulate behind the scenes. I'll tolerate it no more, you fall this day, scum. --Collan, to Anti-Chaos
P/T:2 / 2
Card Number:267201
Artist:Collan, the Alpha
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