Card Name:Penelope
Mana Cost:
Converted Mana Cost:1
Card Text:Characteristics Deceitful ~ Penelope devises various schemes on her own such as the unraveling shroud to keep the persistent suitors at bay Jealousy ~ Penelope's longing for her cousin Helen's alluring physical attributes is a concurring theme in their relationship Pragmatic~ As the wife of the keen Odysseus', Penelope comprehends the importance of meticulously calculating the outcomes of her actions
Visual Connection ~Facing her shroud rather than the suitors ~Penelope focuses solely on the task at hand ~Unappealing physical appearance emphasizes her differences with Helen
Flavor Text:“Helen hasn’t borne a son yet,’ he said, which ought to have made me glad. And it did. But on the other hand, why was he still —and possibly always—thinking of Helen?"
P/T:10 / 10
Card Number:272495
Artist:Harini Mohan
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