Icarus of Sparta Drowns Penelope

Card Name:Icarus of Sparta Drowns Penelope
Mana Cost:
Converted Mana Cost:1
Card Text:Events ~Penelope's father, Icarus of Sparta, attempts to drown baby Penelope in a river after hearing that she is destined to weave his shroud ~Young Penelope survives due to the purple striped ducks of the river which save her ~This event establishes a divide amid Penelope and her parents, that leads her to become a self reliant individual
Visual Connection ~The large body of water symbolizes Penelope's Naiad roots and connection to water ~ Penelope's crossed arms portrays her as a closed off and isolated person ~ Purple striped ducks represent her mother who remained distant from Penelope through her childhood
Flavor Text:"It was stupid of Icarius to try to drown the daughter of a Naiad, however. Water is our element..." (Atwood, 9)
P/T:10 / 10
Card Number:272503
Artist:Harini Mohan
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