The Marriage of Penelope and Odysseus

Card Name:The Marriage of Penelope and Odysseus
Mana Cost:
Converted Mana Cost:1
Card Text:Event ~Penelope's father holds a race for suitors to compete for his daughter's in marriage ~Odysseus drugs his fellow competitors, causing him to emerge victorious and win Penelope's hand in marriage ~This event establishes the shrewd and deceptive characteristics of Odysseus
Visual Connection ~Their intelligent personalities allow them to have meaningful conversations on their bed ~Penelope is evidently young due to being forced to marry at 15 ~Odysseus marries Penelope for her royal status, which is evident in the lavish furniture
Flavor Text:"And so I was handed over to Odysseus, like a package of meat. A package of meat in a wrapping of gold, mind you." (Atwood, 39)
P/T:10 / 10
Card Number:272510
Artist:Harini Mohan
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