The Penelopiad Trading Cards

Card Name:The Penelopiad Trading Cards
Mana Cost:
Converted Mana Cost:1
Card Text:Table of Contents 1~The Marriage of Penelope and Odysseus 7~Themes of the Penelopiad 2~The Arrival of the Suitors 8~The Departure of Odysseus 3~The Hanging of the Maids 9~Ithaca 4~Penelope 10~Penelope's Dream of White Geese 5~Odysseus 11.Icarus of Sparta Drowns Penelope 6~Weaving
Flavor Text:This new expansion pack of the "Odyssey" introduces powerful and shrewd characters with a feminist punch. Perfect for being used against the patriarchy, in trading card battles!
Card Number:272583
Artist:Harini Mohan
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