Necklace of Prayer Beads

Card Name:Necklace of Prayer Beads
Mana Cost:
Converted Mana Cost:1
Card Text:(_Requires attunement by a Cleric, Druid or Paladin_) This necklace has magic beads made from aquamarine, black pearl, or topaz. If a magical bead is removed from the necklace, that bead loses its magic. This necklace holds one bead of blessing (_Bless_), one bead of curing (_Cure Wounds_), one bead of summons (_Planar Ally_), and one bead of wind walking (_Wind Walking_). To use one, you must be wearing the necklace. Each bead contains a spell that you can cast from it as a bonus action (using your spell save DC if a save is necessary). Once a magic bead's spell is cast, that bead can't be used again until the next dawn.
Flavor Text:
Card Number:278004
Artist:Diabetus Mellitus
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