The FalseBlue "Magic: The Gathering™" Card Generator Rules

Disclaimer: The author of this software is not affiliated with nor endorsed by the rightful owners of Magic: The Gathering™ and makes no claim to ownership of anything on this site other than the code used to generate images. No profit is being made on this software or is products.

By using this service you agree to the following:

  1. That you have full rights or fair use of the image you are uploading
  2. That the webmaster may retain the image you upload for future use on this site
  3. That the webmaster may retain the generated card for future use on this site
  4. That you will not post personably identifiable information or other personal information in a card that may be libelous or otherwise criminal
  5. That the webmaster may retain all text entered into the site for future us on this site
  6. That you acknowledge the webmaster is not legally responsible for any image or data that you upload.
  7. If you do not agree with any of these items, please discontinue using this service.

Short version: Please think twice before making a sexy card for your boyfriend with your full name on it. It will be seen publically when you finalize it.

NOTICE: The preview button is there for a reason! If your submission is craptastic because you pushed "Generate!" instead of "Keep Editing" it WILL be deleted. Same goes for cards displaying the default art work. Do NOT bypass the javascript submission confirmation! Its there for your own good.


  1. Absolutely NO pornography. No exceptions. (soft or hard)
  2. No images that violate local or federal laws or that suggest the breaking thereof. (eg. no drug images)
  3. Do not abuse the services!
  4. You may NOT use anything generated for personal financial gain. If you do, you put the blame on your own head.

Failure to adhere to these rules will result in your card being destroyed, your IP being banned from this site, and if necessary, the authorities contacted.


  1. Try to make your card fit within the rules of magic. This is a magic card generator, not a pokemon or other CCG card maker.
  2. Dont use too much profanity. This site is viewable to all ages over 13, so please, keep it to a minimum.
  3. Try to make your card accessable to everyone. Inside jokes are fine and dandy, but if no one else gets it, its basically just wasting space.
  4. I dont allow duplicates, but that doesnt mean your card's idea hasnt been done before in a way that will defeat the dup checker. So check the cards first to see if your card has been made before.

Please follow these suggestions. If you dont, you might find your card deleted one day cause a mod doesnt think its funny/relevent enough.

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